Thursday, September 11, 2008


I wasn't sure I'd get here. I got really behind trying to do the flickr and game things. I enjoyed making my avatar and Library Thing which I plan to use personally. I'm wondering if we can use the bookmarking sites here at work.

My one word to describe the experience of 23 Tings on a Stick:




Took me awhile to figure out what to do (make an account) to be able to edit. Once I had done that it was easy. My edit:

unalienable rights. (with a comment to click on after it)

My change in Google Docs:

unalienable rights (I've always thought unalienable sounded like an incorrect word

Google is more like WORD and it's very clean. However, for someone not as familiar Zoho had the features right out there for you to see.

I'm not sure but I think Zoho might have had more and easier ways to share and communicate about documents.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I pledge to keep up with changes in technology. I do and plan to continue to attend workshops, read the literature, take webinars and get information from various e-mail groups.


I'm not an active member of an online community. I did look around for a football online community. The first one I found was for soccer:) However, I did eventually find which might be fun to be a part of.


I had joined Facebook for the Minitex ILL Conference so I already belonged to a group. Today I joined the 23 things on a stick group. I chose a group related to this project. I invited two people to be my friends (I had one already) and wrote on the 23 things' wall.

I know there are lots of people using Facebook. It's a way to connect virtually which is easier than trying to connect in person.

Libraries seem to be using MySpace to appeal to teens - to as they say be where they are. It's a kind of outreach. If they don't come to us we will go to them. I believe our library is currently looking at a facebook presence which would attract teens.


I think it would be fun to recreate our library in Second Life. It would be fun to have all the staff represented by Avatars.

We have started game programing for YA and and are starting to circulate some of the software as well.


I can see lots of ways I can use LibraryThing personally. It's extremely easy. You don't even have to put much information to add a book to your library. It's great. My books weren't extremely popular but it was fun to see reviews, see what they recommended I would like, and to see which other libraries were most like mine.

Our library shares online lists of books but mainly they are lists that connect directly to our catalog and show availability. However, I could see taking some of our bibliographies and putting them online using LibraryThing. They would be much more eye catching.